Motivation Monday

There’s something about Mondays that actually makes me feel super motivated and productive 🤔

I woke up this morning and had some oatmeal with brown sugar and topped it with some FF/SF cheesecake pudding and so delish 👌

Then I decided to throw together a crock pot recipe, so I would have enough meals for the next few days. Taco chicken over seasoned rice ft. sautéed green peppers 😄 

Crock pot recipe:

1 28oz can Rotel tomato’s 

1 taco mix seasoning packet

2lbs of chicken

Thats all 👍 You could definitely cut this recipe in half and have 4 servings , but I am cooking for two people so I made a lot! 

Cook on low for 6 ish hours 

…..Then I took my daily supplements and made my way to the gym to CRUSH legs😥

Here’s my workout : (warm up 10 minutes 15% incline 3.5 speed)

Kneeling squats 4×15 (🍑🔥)

Glute Hamstring curls w/ weights 4×15

Cable squats 3×15 (🍑🔥🔥)

Walking lunges ( I did 2 sets)

Seated leg press 3×15 with 3×15 calf raises in between sets

Hip abduction and addiction machines 4×15

Leg extension machine 3×15 with 1 min of balance ball hamstring curls in between each set.

Leg flexion matching 3×15

Sumo squat (slow on eccentric movement) with 10lb kettle bell 3×15

Glut bridges on balance ball 3×15

And FINALLY Donkey Kicks 3×15

….Did I mention that I am really focusing on training my legs 😂

After my workout I went home and made a “pizzadilla” for lunch, I kinda ate it too fast to take a picture 😍 I also made a quick smoothie!

Made with: 1/2 scoop vanilla protein, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, truvia, an orange, and some blueberries 👌

Then I decided to go to a park to complete my step goal for the day ☀

All and all it was a productive day in South Florida🤗😊

P.S. the crock pot recipe came out 🔥 made it into a burrito bowl for dinner. 


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