Hello May!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading and giving me some feedback! I appreciate it. I will probably be writing about 5 days a week with a summary of my workouts and recipes for the day. I start school at the end of this month and I figured this would be a great way for me to stay focused in the gym and have some accountability !
Again, if anyone has questions let me know !

Woke up this morning starving and made an omelette with egg whites, green pepper, turkey sausage, onion, and cheese!

Ate it too fast to get a picture 🤣

Then I went to the gym! (back and bi day)
Assisted pull ups 3×12
Lat pulldown 3×12
Single arm row cables 4×12
Bicep curls 3×12
Dumbbell rows 4×12
Seated curls 3×12
Band curls 4×12
Cable lat W pulldowns 3×12
Cable curls 3×12


Walked around a little bit and shopped around to get in some more steps !

I also had a awesome portobello mushroom panini and smoothie for lunch😅



For dinner I made some protein waffles! I was not super hungry after having a bigger lunch so this was perfect for dinner !

Recipe : 1 egg, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder!

Plus toppings 🍓🍌

One of my favorite snacks or lighter meals by far!

All and all it was a great day !

Daily steps- 11,805

Mantra- I am grateful 😁


2 thoughts on “Hello May!”

  1. Love the meal inspiration! Quick question – how do you not get embarrassed trying new things/things away from the standard machines at the gym??? I always find myself wayyyy too intimidated?! xx


    1. Honestly my best advice is to just be confident and act as if you have done it before. Most of the machines have pictures on how to use them. The best advice I could give is to not worry about what other people think about you! I am always trying different things at the gym and it is still intimidating, but I just act like I am the only one there. Everyone is in the gym for the same reason- to workout so just relax and be confident 🙂

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