Since I forgot to post this yesterday…

Hey hey! I Was gone away for a few days and I meant to post this yesterday! 😅

I woke up super early on Cinco de Mayo had breakfast and headed to the gym to do legs!🏋

Squats 4×12 and 1 set of front squats (12 reps)
Glute Ham raises 5×12
Kneeling hip thrust 5×12
Sitting leg press 3×12 with 3×12 calf raises after each set
Abduction machine 4×15
Leg extension machine 3×12
Leg flexion machine 3×12

I was SO burned out after this workout. One way I increase the intensity of my workouts is that I decrease the rest time in between sets. I recently started doing 30 sec or less rest in between sets and I have been sweating like crazy during my workouts!🔥🔥🔥🔥

After the gym I did some shopping, went for a walk, and ended up at Pieology – I made a amazing pizza for 1 and literally ate the whole thing😂😂😅

Since I literally ate a whole pizza at about 3 pm I decided to opt out of a traditional dinner and skipped to dessert🤣😍

I ate half of a halo top pint at like 9:00 topped it with some banana and whipped cream and enjoyed

Every now and then it is OK to have a cheat meal or treat meal. I know I will eat on track the rest of the week and workout all week so I try not to worry about eating healthy EVERY day EVERY meal!


Steps: 11,565

I also did not blog two days ago, but I did 16,523 steps! The most steps I have done with my Fitbit in awhile👍


I’ve done well. I don’t have to be perfect.




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