2 Days worth👍

Hey !

I am going to include my workout from yesterday in today’s post!

Yesterday I did a chest/tri workout:

  • Bench press- 3×12
  • Overhead DB triceps extension 4×12
  • DB Chest fly
  • DB triceps kick backs 3×12
  • Crunch machine 3×12 (idk why I threw this in my workout!)
  • Pec Deck 3×12 (big squeeze and hold at the end)
  • V-bar 3×12 superset with skull crushers 4×12

I have been trying to increase the weights that I am using and keep the number of reps the same and these workouts have been. Also 15 minutes on the treadmill at 12% incline 3.5 speed!


Always try to push yourself in the gym and increase the intensity of your workouts! (just do NOT ever sacrifice FORM)

So that was my workout from yesterday now I will start my Friday!

I woke up and made a egg white omelette with green peppers, turkey sausage, and fat free cheddar cheese!


After that I went to the gym to train back!

  • Assisted pull ups 3×12
  • Lat pulldown 4×12
  • Cable row 4×12
  • Iso lat machine 3×12
  • Low row machine 3×12

Treadmill for 15 minutes at 13% incline and 3.8 speed!💪

Lunch was a Flatout pizza!
I just took a Flatout brand bread as my pizza crust and baked in at 375 for 2 minutes to preheat it quick. I then added a light garden vegetable pasta sauce, green peppers, garlic, and some fat free cheddar and mozzarella cheese! It was🔥

After that my boyfriend and I went to a park and did some adventuring !


Dinner was just a frozen dinner for two. I usually get the viola brand ones since they are cheaper and healthier than the other brands! 

I ended the day with 1/2 a pint of Halo top ice cream (aka my FAVORITE dessert)

Steps: 10,317

Mantra: Count your blessings, not your cursings.



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