TGIF- Shoulder and Leg Workout!🏋🔥

Hey all!

I decided with my busy school schedule I will be posting about 4 days a week and I will just be posting any recipes I make and my workouts! I originally wanted to do a little more with this, but for right now it will be simple and to the point. This is a great way for my to keep track of all of my workouts and to share them with everyone else since people are constantly asking me what I do to stay healthy!👍💪😁

This week was my first week of actual grad-school classes and although it was overwhelming at times, I feel like I am in a good place and I am excited to get into my studies more!📚👍

Yesterday I did a killer shoulder workout!


Circuit 1:

  • Arnold press- with dumbbells 5×12
  • Upright row- straight bar 5×12
  • Plate front raises 5×12
    Minimal rest if any in between exercises*

Circuit 2:

  • Upright row into overhead press 3×10 (this was a killer!)
  • Shrugs 4×12
  • Lateral raises with dumbbells


After studying all of the muscles in the lower extremity all week I ended my school week by doing legs!💪🔥


  • Squats 3×12 and 1 set of front squats 12 reps
  • Glute-ham raises 3×12
  • Glute bridges with 25lb dumbbell 4×12
  • Kickback machine 3×12
  • Hip Adduction machine 3×15
  • Hip Abduction machine 3×15
  • Leg extension machine 3×12
  • Leg flexion machine 3×12
  • Sumo squat with kettlebell 4×12
  • Glute bridges with hip abduction and resistance band 4×12

All week I had a mealprep for lunch (balsamic chicken meal prep featured in last post)  and a lighter dinner! I have been having overnight oats everyday for breakfast and I will share my favorite recipes for that soon!😄

I also made a yummy smoothie bowl this week that was 🔥!


Because who doesn’t love a smoothie bowl? 

Topped with granola, strawberries, kiwi, and bananas !🥝🍓🍌

Smoothie recipe:

•1 scoop of vanilla protein •1 cup almond milk

•1 tsp ground flax seed •Truvia (to taste)

•1\2 banana

•8-10 ice cubes

That’s all for today!👍

Steps- 13,2011

Mantra- Do it with passion or not at all.



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